Pfsense and router

  • Hi

    I am thinking to add pfsense to network.

    This would be my set up:

    ISP modem with static ip connected to a switch pfsense as default gateway and firewall with one lan port Cisco 800 router with DHCP and OSPF routing Windows Server 2012 with AD and DNS

    Cisco router would then be connected to another switch for LAN.

    Also I would use pfsense for VPN in LAN, VPN to remote office connections and it's firewall function. I have to connect multiple branch offices with cisco routers, about 500 computers in total on different subnets. Also to control computers connected on WLAN (guests and domain users).

    Also should I set pfsense on every branch office like this or do you have another idea?

    Would this set up work or you have another solution?