Lanner FW-7525

  • So I recently invested in a Lanner FW-7525C device and I have to say that I am very impressed with this this solution! Installing pfSense 2.2.4 wasn't a problem at all but I'm reaching out because I have two issues with this unit that I was used to prior to this unit:

    1. Rebooting the unit does not seem to work correctly.
    2. The startup/shutdown beeps are missing.

    In testing issue 1, I consoled in and rebooted my device. While it rebooted, my cable modem (Motorola) went from a blue flashing light to an orange flashing light. This told me that the GBe link went to 10/100 and had not recovered. I then tried to console into the unit, no dice. WebConfigurator, no dice either. It led me to power cycling the unit in order to recover the link to the modem. I then tested the halt function and it worked as expected.

    For issue 2, my previous rig had a PC speaker and I got used to hearing those startup/shutdown beeps. On this new device, it has a speaker as I hear this during boot (single beep). I don't hear any sounds after that POST confirmation but I would like to restore this feature since the unit is headless. I will point out that I am aware of the 'disable' option under System > Advanced > Notifications and it is not checked.

    If anyone is willing to work with me on these issues, I would be willing to buy the person a few rounds. With some guidance, I can send logs, issue commands and whatever else, as needed.