New USB LAN device

  • Hi to everybody,

    during the last week I made my first pfSense experiences (thinking about a change from IPFire to pfSense) and I was confronted by a lot of strange problems.

    At the end I found out that the problems are caused by my USB LAN dongle. pfSense does not show up any errors, but it is not working if I try to send data through that interface (but only for some kind of requests, pings can be progressed).

    Anyway, now I am thinking about a new USB LAN device and I want to avoid to buy a not working one. I already read, that pfSense does "not like" USB devices, but I cannot add another card to the system. So it must be a USB device.

    Can somebody of you recommend me a working device? Is there a list of working / not working devices available?

    Thx and KR

  • Have you considered a VLAN?

  • yes i already thought about a V-Lan but i think this is not a good solution for here. The infrastructure consists of "stupid" switches. PfSense is used to provide a guestnet with captiva. The users are not allowed to get access to the rest of the network. To be on the safe site i think it is the best to go for separated interfaces.

  • I have used both a "cables to Go" USB2.0 and 3.0 with success, however it must be added to the hardware list each time the Gigabyte Cube computer is booted with ( usbconfig -d X.X set_config 1 ), after which the LAN must be reestablished and DHCP reconfigured.  I am looking for a way to have the dongle loaded into a custom kernel to load during boot. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am using a cheap USB to ETHERNET with chip-set AX 88772b with pfsense 2.2.4, this one did not worked in 2.1.5 but look's like now in 2.2.4 it works ok by default.

  • Hi,

    thanks for this hint. Unfortunately my Adapter has also a AX 88772b chipset.

    Anybody else?


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