Zabbix proxy on PFSense

  • Hello,

    I'd like to install and use Zabbix proxy via PFSense packages.

    Tests done with available non-LTS packages (related of my Zabbix master version).

    The agent is recognized by the master (via public IP via internet) server but hosts monitored by the proxy don't rise in the master server and data rise from this proxy (CPU, hard drive…)

    I had those kind of lines on the PFSense proxy :
    cannot send list of active checks to [client_IP(] host [client_name] not found

    and those kind of logs lines on the client :
    no active checks on server]: host [client_name] not found

    The client is running and pinging from PFSense box.
    The client is responding via Telnet 10050 from proxy
    The proxy is responding via Telnet 10051 from client

    The <client_name>is exactly the same on the client side and on the master server side.

    Zabbix Proxy LTS settings :
    Server : public_IP_master_server
    Server port : 10051
    hostname : <zabbix_proxy_hostname>(exactly the same as in client conf and on Zabbix master server)
    Proxy mode : Active
    Config frequency : 10 (for tests purpose)
    Advanced : <none>I have set up a virtual test machine running Debian and install Zabbix proxy on it and it works as expected (but not with a PFSense firewall in the network).
    Firewall rules and agents conf modified accordingly to the test environment

    What must I do to make it work ?



  • Seems Zabbix proxy is unable to restart without restarting the PFSense box.
    So Zabbix proxy works but if I make changes, I MUST restart the entire server to apply them.

    Valable with version zabbix24-proxy-2.4.3 v0.8.3.