Intel Celeron G1610T / Xeon E3 1220L

  • Hi There,

    Maybe you can give me some advice.

    As for now I have an ESXi home lab based on an HP Gen8 Microserver.
    I swapped the default Intel Celeron G1610T for an Xeon E3 1220L v2.

    I already messed arround with pfsense as VM a bit to get a feeling for it
    On the long run i want to built a dedicated pfSense box for my home as Firewall and VPN-Solution

    For now I have just ADSL 16Mbit Download and 1Mbit Upload but this should be Replaced at least with VDSL 50 Mbit Down and 10 Mbit Up.

    My first idea was to take the G1610T and put it on an ITX Board add some Memory and an SSD. But I doubt the G1610T would be suficcent.
    My second idea is to take the E3 1220L v2 put it on an ITX-Board and buy an E3-1230 v2 for my Esxi Host for some more punch.

    Maybe anybody has some idea how good/bad those CPU's Would perform.

  • a Pentium 4-2.8ghz, with 256mb of ram, with intel nics, will push/pull around 350 mbit with nat enabled.

  • I am really fond of the 1220L. A 20W chip with AES-NI…Cost is like 5x more though. So depends on usage. If your using VPN or loads of packages use the 1220L. If just a starter box I would use the G1610T unless you are seeing your cpu usage at high levels..Are you using a headless arrangement?

    20W with good speed.

    35W and slower