TinyDNS for reverse dns server?

  • I'm presently running bind on an internal machine to server rdns requests. Externally the WAN IP of pfsense is the assigned dns server, and i do a nat port forward for dns requests to the internal machine. I want to migrate the dns server to tinydns on pfsense and then change the nat forward so that pfsense answers.

    How should I do this? I'm wary of assigning the WAN IP address to tinydns blindly without knowing what might result. This is a high-use production pfsense box that I cant risk taking down on accident so I'm asking the questions first. :)

  • I've also noticed that nothing shows up under the tinydns status or log pages. Is this normal?

    binding to the lan ip and saving and then doing a lookup against the lan ip i am just getting the forwarded response rather than the one that tinydns has explicitly entered into it.

    Some explanation on the interaction between the regular dns forwarders and the tinydns settings would probably be helpful.

  • nobody with any ideas?

    me either. :)

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