How to add an interface

  • Hi all
    Im running 2.4.4
    My box is setup with the motherboards onboard NIC as well as a card with two interfaces. When I did the original install I did not configure the third NIC and now I would like to use it. All the instructions I have found seem pretty basic, go to interfaces>Assign Interface than choose the MAC, add firewall rule, ect. When I plug into the the LAN 2 port with a windows laptop set for DHCP, I can get an address and gateway but can ping or get anywhere. If I plug a ubuntu box into the same port on DHCP it will never receive an address, if I set it to a static address I cant ping anything. What am I missing?


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    Your rule is TCP-only.  You can't ping because that's ICMP.  You can't browse because DNS is probably using UDP.

    Change the protocol on your LAN2 rule to any.

  • Opps, I didn't catch that.  I had to step out so I'll try it in a few. But that wouldn't cause one host to get an address when another host does not get an address would it?

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    DHCP is either configured or it isn't.

  • I changed the rules protocol from TCP to ANY and reloaded but still get the same result

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    Spell it out exactly.  Can't read your mind.

    See Also: Status > System Logs > DHCP Tab

  • I checked the DHCP log earlier and there was nothing recent, after restarting the DCHP service I get this

    Im not sure which DHCP server it is referring to but the only other one on the network is a different subnet and interface(10.1.10./24) Im not certain the following started after restarting the DHCP server but the windows machine that was getting an address now gets a 169 address….but if I statically assign it in the /24 subnet I am able to ping and reach the web.

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    You somehow screwed up your DHCP server.  Reboot the pfSense.

  • yep works like a champ after a reboot, not sure how I would have screwed it up but its working now thanks