Untangle convert in BIG trouble…Help!

  • Hey guys. After running Untangle and paying for their packages, I decided to try my hand with pfsense. I ordered a router from ebay and somehow managed to screw things up.  I've reinstalled the nano image BUT I cannot get my PC running PuTTY to communicate with via the serial port.

    I have all the settings set for 115200, 8, N, 1.  Do I need to have Flow Control running on PuTTY?

    Also and again guys, I am a NEWBIE in a major way here, do i connect the serial cable before booting the router, I would assume so.  Step by step directions would be great. I'm 57 and can follow them whereas you young whipper snappers just fly thru this stuff like a hot knife thru soft butter.

    BTW, my hats off to you guys for the wonderful job you do here in the forums.


  • Everything you tried seems about right. Do you have the correct serial cable? like a null modem cable.

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    Perhaps you could clarify what "I cannot get my PC running PuTTY to communicate with via the serial port." means? (Hint: Press Enter.)

  • Thanks for replying guys.  To answer the question about what I did.  I flashed the cf with a new install of pfsense, nano version with the serial option.  I connected my serial cable(null modem confirmed), started PuTTY with 115200, *, N, 1, NO CONTROL protocol selected.  And I pressed ENTER.

    I did everything per the directions I could find on the net.  Is there another program I could use other then putty?  What serial settings could I try?

    Should I allow the device to boot up as far as it will before I start putty? Should I start putty before I boot the device?

    Thanks in advance.  I've put the Untangle server back in place for now but I'd really like to get this device up and running.

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    Works for me everywhere. If it doesn't for you, I'd say your cable is just useless.

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    What router is it?  They don't all default to 115200.  Try 9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600 too. Does it also have VGA?

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    Even if they did not default to 115200, you'd at least see broken garbage on the screen. Not blank screen.

  • Thanks for all the input guys.  First of all, I'm not sure what brand the router is. It was sold as a generic on eBay.

    It came setup and included a cable for serial communication. I confirmed it was a cross over cable by checking the pins.  I have reached out to the seller and he has not responded. I think I'll just open a ticket with eBay.

    Thanks again for all your help guys. You have been super in my humble opinion.

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