XBox one stream on vpn

  • Hi all,

    I'm playing around the the remote streaming option on the xBox one.
    It works great in home and I would like to put in intro the next level.
    (be able to play/stream my xbox one at work or a other place)

    Because I know it works I tried it using my VPN and tried connecting, but noting :(
    Still I can access my freeNAS shares.

    If I open the correct ports under NAT I can add the xBox and stream is.
    But for security reasons I like to use the VPN.

    Does anyone have some tips on how to get this work??
    or what may be the problem.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I want to do the same thing along with streaming from the Steam in home streaming feature on my PC. From what I have gathered is that the steam streaming is enabled up by a UDP broadcast packet.

    Since the IPSEC VPN tunnel is on a separate broadcast domain then this packet isn't being sent back/forth from LAN to VPN. Xbox streaming might work the same way?

    I think this can be fixed by enabling forecast from within strongswan.

    I however don't have the technical know how to make this happen or if it is even possible on FreeBSD. Hopefully a pfsense guru can enlighten us on how to configure broadcast packets to our IPSEC VPN tunnels.