HOWTO : configure freeradius

  • I'am a newbie… and I want to now, how to install and configure freeradius on pfsense ?
    please give me a totorial to install freeradius step by step.


  • There is no Howto.
    You will need to research how to set it up or wait until some helps you. (sorry i cant help you).

    But in the process you could write a howto :)

  • What are you wanting to do with FreeRADIUS? Are you trying to do something with the pfSense captive portal, or are you wanting to use it for wireless network authentication? There's many ways to configure FreeRADIUS - but only you know what you want to do.

    I don't use FreeRADIUS on pfSense, but I do maintain the FreeRADIUS packages for FreeBSD (which, amongst other things, underpins FreeRADIUS on pfSense) and I use FreeRADIUS on one of my FreeBSD servers. When I get the time, I will try to set up the pfSense FreeRADIUS package to see what it can do - but I have so many things to be getting on with at present.

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