Configuring multiple instances of DHCP and vlan subinterfaces

  • Hi all,

    I am relatively new to PfSense, but I have managed to set up a PfSense server. I would like to know if it is possible to configure DHCP to issue different subnets to different vlans in a LAN set up. How would one go about that? I haven’t seen anything in the documentation but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough?

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    Uhm… you configure DHCP server per interface. VLAN is no different here from any other physical interface.

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    once you create your interface for your vlan, you will see dhcp that you can enable on that interface.. Just like you see dhcp on your default lan interface.

  • Ok. Is it possible to create virtual interfaces on, say, the LAN interface and tag them with various vlans? Then have different dhcp instances for those?

  • I think I have figured it out. Should be on under Interfaces>assign>VLANs. Thanks.

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    Yes once you create a vlan, and assign it to a physical interface you will then have dhcp server for those vlans that you setup for whatever IP ranges you put on those vlans

  • Hey jerekyox,

    Did this work for you?

    I am curious because I am trying to do something similar, but I'm afraid it's not supported on pfSense.
    Let me know if it is similar to what I describe below.

    Here is what I'm trying to do:
    I have multiple subnets between routed gateways that I want pfSense to answer DHCP requests for.
    This is done now by a Linux server, with one NIC, no vLANs,  running isc dhcpd6. I'd like to get rid of this Linux box.
    All the network routers/gateways are configured with a DHCP-helper. This causes the gateways to send all DHCP requests to the single DHCP server. Then the DHCP server replies with an IP for the subnet pool that matches the gateway that made the request.

    Thanks for any info (from anybody).

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    Multiple scopes on one interface is currently not supported on pfSense.

    Pretty sure it's supported just fine on the DHCP server, there's just no GUI to config it. I think there was a bounty for this a while back that got some of the work done. Check the bounties forum.

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    what your doing is not anywhere close to what the OP is doing.. Pfsense does not running dhcp scopes for networks it does not have an interface in..  While the dhcp server is running might support it - its not part of the dhcp build as derelict mentions - just run a different dchp server if you want a central dhcp server..

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