• Hello Guys
    I need your suggest to use Skype thru Pfsense. In my office we use always Skype and often the connection isn't clean.
    At moment we use just modem+router and 5 pc connected by wireless.
    I would like to install pfsense but in this case I don't know how setup Pfsense for use Skype.
    Someone can help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hmmm? What exactly you need to set? Allow outbound LAN traffic (done by default). Set.

  • hello doktornotor,
    thanks for swift reply, my question is if I have configure something in particular to use Skype at best.
    Already I have configured pfsense at home per Lan Wireless and Wan and all is ok.
    But now for Skype I have setup something in particular?

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    Is something actually broken?

  • No nothing is broken, just I wish better voice connection (sometimes fall down connection or not clean) maybe modem isn't enough good… and I thought... if I install pfsense maybe I sortie out from these problems.
    So you think Pfsense can better performance on Skype? and in case I have to setup something on Pfsense?

  • You need a stable enough Internet connection to maintain the quality you desire, and perhaps some traffic shaping to prioritize your Skype traffic.

  • Thank you very much for your suggest Kom, so I will search to configure traffic shaping to prioritize Skype traffic, in case I let you know if all is ok.


  • Hello Guys,
    I have problem to configure traffic shaping because I have following error message:
    pfctl:ath0_wlan0:drivers doesn't support altq

    somenone has idea to fix this issue.
    Thank you

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    This issue you don't fix.

    You can use limiters there, not shaping. Or stop cloning the iface. Or - get a real AP and plug it via RJ45.

  • thank you very much for your swift answer!