Installation recommendations for SG2220 + M.2

  • What are the recommended installation options for an SG2220 with an M.2 card installed.

    (1) Should a full install be done on the M.2 (and leave the emmc as a fallback)?

    (2) Should the M.2 be used for storage for logs, squid cache, etc ?

    If (1), how does one configure this card as the default boot device?


  • how fluent are you in BSD partition manipulation?

    I added 120g of ssd to my box and initially thought I'd get fancy with partitioning.

    I changed my mind on that after setting up a layout while booted from flash, copying across filesystems with a mix of dd for boot and sync for regular files, and generally expecting it to be fairly Linux-like.

    no boot.

    then I used a memstick installer and took the time to be fancy.

    box crashed on me and triggered a  filesystem rebuild.  / was chewed up some.

    no bueno.

    then I reinstalled from stick, nuked partitions and said next next next.  worked well, and added sync for / to fstab.  this morning I spent all of 20 minutes getting a clean reinstall to test something.

    muy bien!

    I use the advanced setting option to keep /tmp and /var in ram, and avoid killing the disk.  for swap, I create a file and call the file from fstab rather than using a partition.

    and if I screw up the ssd, the flash memory with factory os is still in the box and usable.

  • (1) Should a full install be done on the M.2 (and leave the emmc as a fallback)?

    This would be the most and common installation method, full install on a SSD/mSATA/M.2 but
    the full installation can also be done on the eMMC storage because it is predestinated for many
    read/write cycles without failures. So if the nor SquidGuard are not really needed it would be
    also a really gain for many update / upgrade procedures.

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