Bonding ADSL and Internet Key

  • Hi everyone.
    I need to bond two internet lines together. These are the details:
    Line 1: ADSL 20/1 mbps
    Line 2: Internet Key 42/42 mbps (in theory)

    I know i can do this with pfsense but I was wondering: can i make pfsense use the ADSL for every download and the internet key for every upload? Is it possible? How do i do it?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no way to distinguish a "download" from an "upload" at the firewall level in such general terms.

    If you can match a connection with a firewall rule, you can direct it out of whichever WAN you like. So you can route specific sources, destinations, ports, etc over different WANs if you want but you can't necessarily identify "download" and "upload" in that way.

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