VPN setup behind firewall with a bridged pfsense box

  • I'm looking to use my pfSense box as a VPN server.  I've got the VPN configuration down just not sure on the networking end of how to accomplish this.  I have a Comcast business modem acting as my DHCP server and gateway.  Next in line is my pfSense box with 2 nics one connecting to the Comcast modem the other to my switch.  It is bridged so all traffic flows through.  I've created OPT2 interface witch the bridge is on and is the only interface with an IP.  It's an internal IP and the one I access the pfSense gui from.  I do have a few static IP's from Comcast and I'm pretty sure the best way to do this is to give the pfSense box one of those static IP's and to configure the Comcast modem to all all traffic to the static IP.  (if anyone has any other thoughts on that I'd love to hear them!)  So my question is what interface do I assign the static IP too?  If I assign it to OPT2 I won't be able to get into the gui anymore.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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    "It is bridged so all traffic flows through"

    Why??  The thing that should be bridged is you modem.. So yes you can put the static IPs right on your pfsense wan interface.

  • I use the pfSense box to run captive portal and a seperate vlan for wireless network.  I also use it just to monitor bandwidth and get stats.  I want to keep the Comcast box as the lans main dhcp server/gateway for now.  That will change down the road but at the moment I'm not ready to make that switch.

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