Pentalty Time

  • I have a specific IP in penalty limiting the bandwidth to 1536Kb up/down.
    This is a 24/7 limit.
    Is there a way I could just have this penalty during weekday business hours?
    So that after hours and on the weekends it'll use FULL bandwidth…


  • 48 looks…but no takers....okie dokie....

  • @NoDoze:

    48 looks…but no takers....okie dokie....

    I seem to recall time schedules not working with the traffic shaper in 1.2.
    I think this would work in Ermal's traffic shaper scheduled for 1.3… Look in the bounty thread for the traffic shaper, I think it's mentionned somewhere in this (long) thread.

  • This seems to fit my question well.

    I would like to schedule my traffic shaping rules, this is not possible with 1.2 if I understanded correctly? I have sucessfully restricted youtube/facebook speeds with traffic shaper, but would like to apply em only during office hours (8.00-16.00).

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