Recently upgraded to 2.2.4 on a 2440 box, trying to revert to test a setting

  • And not having any luck.

    I'm seeing some things happen with openVPN that I dont' recall happening before;  I'd like to revert to 2.2.2 to see if I missed them, misconfigured something, or if they're new things.

    The Netgate serial image won't install from the firmware download page;  after logging into the portal and downloading the file offered in old, it tells me it's the wrong image.

    so, I upload a full backup to the box, and realize that it's a file backup, not an image backup, and unlikely to work as a restore source.

    Can someone direct me to the image I should use to install 2.2.2 on the pfsense 2440 box before I do the file-based restore of same?

    The file which is not wanting to install is called netgate-memstick-serial-2.2.2-RELEASE-amd64-20150424-1057.img.gz

  • I gave up on this once I took a look inside the memstick image and compared it to the upgrade image.  the memstick contains an ISO, the upgrade contains a tar image of a viable filesystem.  I had a known working  memstick available, so I slicked the box and reinstalled that way, then added back my config file and was on my way.

    of course reverting that way doesn't scale, you need local access.  I did figure out where to upload a backup to have it recognized in the web ui, but wasn't sure if trying to roll back a release would succeed from that route.