BGP: kernel arpresolve

  • Hello

    after I have implement BGP with my own AS, my SystemLog has many entries per second:

    kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for <bgp neighbor-ip=""> on em3.</bgp>

    The Status of openbgpd seems fine:

    BGP neighbor is <bgp neighbor-ip="">, remote AS 8888, Multihop (5)
     Description: Company-Name
      BGP version 4, remote router-id <bgp neighbor-id="">BGP state = Established, up for 01:06:26
      Last read 00:00:01, holdtime 90s, keepalive interval 30s
      Neighbor capabilities:
        Multiprotocol extensions: IPv4 unicast, IPv4 vpn
        Route Refresh
        Graceful Restart
        4-byte AS numbers
      Message statistics:
                      Sent       Received  
      Opens                    6          6
      Notifications            0          1
      Updates                 10     662312
      Keepalives            1242       1270
      Route Refresh            0          0
      Total                 1258     663589
      Update statistics:
                      Sent       Received  
      Updates                  4     573883
      Withdraws                0        929
      End-of-Rib               1          1
      Local host:         <my ip-address="">, Local port:    179
      Remote host:      <bgp neighbor-ip="">, Remote port: 59560</bgp></my></bgp></bgp> 

    Raw Config

    # This file was created by the package manager. Do not edit!
    AS <my as="">fib-update yes
    holdtime 90
    listen on <my ip="">router-id <myip>network <my ip-range="">group "ECOTEL" {
    	remote-as <neighbor as="">neighbor <bgp neighbor-ip="">{
    		descr "Company-Name"
    		announce all  
    		multihop 5 
    		local-address <myip>}
    deny from any
    deny to any
    allow from <bgp neighbor-ip="">allow to</bgp></myip></bgp></neighbor></my></myip></my></my> 

  • Were you ever able to figure out the cause of this?

    I'm experiencing the same issue.

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