Packages fail to install, or install with files missing

  • This has happened with Suricata and pfBlockerNG, the only two packages I have tried installing.  Retries often fail at different points in the install.  Sometimes the install hangs on the first few lines, before the main binary gets downloaded.  Sometimes it is after the main binary downloads, when one of the additional files is being downloaded and hangs for 1-2 seconds before stating “failed”.

    I have this problem on two different pfSense installs, same pfSense version 2.2.4-RELEASE (one is full and one is nanobsd).  They share the same ISP router (where they are connected to two different ports).  After doing a ping test, I changed  the pfSense MTU from 1500 to 1460 on both, but no improvement.

    I just downloaded a 300 MB photo-editing application update, and my Android got an update, too.  I also downloaded the 7 GB full CentOS and the SHA-256 checksum matched – that took 12 hours to download.

    How do I start to troubleshoot this?

  • It seems this has to be a pfSense configuration problem of some kind, since a variety of downloads to other systems on the same network have no such problems.

    What logs can I check?  I've looked over many of the logs in the GUI and have no clue.

    I've searched the forum and don't see anyone else with this problem.

    Get a Gold subscription - support the pfSense community!  That's what I did.

  • I am having a similar issue. Anyone with some assitance?

  • 90 reads but no takers.  What have you done to troubleshoot?

    No errors on interfaces.

    I may try a packet capture, but no sign that is done much on this forum - no match to search for packet capture.

  • I take that back - I searched the forums again and see a lot of packet capture discussions.

  • No more package problems.  I’d made no changes since the last package download failures of about a week ago, and had downloaded a copy of Wireshark and started a packet capture.  pfBlockerNG and Suricata both installed fine, to include all subordinate downloads.  I installed pfBlockerNG  on my other pfSense installation, which had also been failing, and it installed with the same success.  It seems that the package download problem I’ve been having for the past few weeks just went away.

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