PHP errors in package installation-php55-pgsql

  • Hello there.

    I was trying to install the php55-pgsql package from freebsd package website through pkg install method in shell. But I am wondering why it says "missing dependencies. php55.x.xx is needed for this package" where php is already installed and part of the system.

    I tried installing the package with all the dependecies but after the installation, the system gives some warnings during booting time. and found out later that captive portal service is not working anymore even if i restart the service.

    Can somebody help me on this? i badly need the php55-pgsql extenstion to be present in the system just like the mysql, pdo and other extensions.
    I need to update our 4 years old 2.0.1 pfsense box to 2.2.4.

    Thanks a lot.

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