Network for my guest but want to share some devices.

  • I'm an AirBnB host, so I have guests living at my apartment a lot of the time.

    Currently I have an Asus RT-AC66U router at home with a main and guest WiFi. Since I don't have pfSense currently I can setup several guest networks from the Asus software.

    I have 2 Sonos speakers and a Chromecast that I want to share between both networks but I also have a media pc and NAS that I don't want to share.

    Is this possible to do, and if so, how (I'm not looking for a step-by-step), but if it's possible and what I have to look into. Do I need a pfSense box with 4 NICs? One WAN, one for "main network" ASUS router (as access point), and another one for "guest network" or can I use one ASUS router for both "main" and "guest" network as I can now? Can this be done with VLANs?


  • Can this be done with VLANs?

    It will be the best way to do so.

    Buy a smaller appliance with enough GB LAN Ports and a smaller switch supporting VLANs.
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  • If your Asus RT-AC66U supports VLANs for the different networks (WLAN & Guest) then yes, VLANs are your friend.
    Otherwise you'll need three interfaces for WAN, LAN (with WLAN) and Guest-WLAN.

  • Thanks guys. Seems like Asus supports VLAN in Asus-Merlin.

    It would still be awesome with pfSense though.

    Does anyone know if I need a second Asus router to get Guest WiFi (a second WiFi) with the Asus router is in AP mode?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If the AP supports Multiple SSIDs on different VLANs and you have a VLAN-capable switch (or a port on pfSense to dedicate to the AP, but a switch is better/more flexible) then yes.  If not, no.

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