Manually installing newer packages?

  • I am very new to pfSense (a few hours!). I have installed version 2.2.4 onto a Watchguard x550e device.

    I want to install Squid and SquidGuard. I downloaded Squid from the available packages (version 3.4.10_2-i386), but is just sat at (extracting) for ages, so I decided to attempt to download manually from the shell (in SSH).

    I noticed a newer version (3.5.3) which I downloaded, and then installed using pbi_add

    I then did the same with SquidGuard using the newest available package.

    Neither of these packages show in the GUI, and subsequently, I can't seem to use them.

    Is there a way to get them to show up properly, or must I remove them and install the earlier versions that appear in the list of available packages?

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    Is there a way to get them to show up properly

    No, not with anything below 2.3… (If you don't have the XML/PHP files, you obviously won't have any GUI integration.) You could as well use pkg to install Squid directly, instead of the PBI junk.

  • I installed the "older" package via the web interface and after that i downloaded the latest available pbi of squid and installed it via ssh.

    That let me the possibility to manage squid via the web interface.

  • Hello Roy

    I have SquidGuard working on a new install X700.  Message me if you have any questions.

    It's only been in 2 weeks but it seems to be running very well.


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