Cheep hardware for 1gb/s symmetrical

  • Hello all,

    I am getting access to 1gb/s (for free, all the way up in AK), and I want something to be able to route the immense traffic. I have a optiplex 745 slimline routing traffic at the moment (60Mb/s down, 10Mb/s up currently), with a few servers behind it. Would it, along with some intel NIC's be suitable for 1gb/s traffic?

  • I have a optiplex 745 slimline

    GHz ?

    How many services, features or options will be installed, offered or used?
    To come closer a Intel Celeron G3260T @3,2GHz is able to route a 1 GBit/s connection and Snort on top
    but then nothing more should be coming on top of this because this will be then all slowing down the
    CPU and also the entire performance of the pfSense box.

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