Routing through ipsec tunnel to 3rd net

  • Hello,

    i've a question about routing. my szenario is 2 pfsense 2.2.4

    pf1 Site A IP x.x.1.1
    pf2 Site B IP x.x.2.1

    Site to site ipsec tunnel between Site A (Net x.x.1.0/24) and Site B (Net x.x.2.0/24) running fine. Site B has an additionally configured static route to Site C (Net x.x.3.0/24) via a 2nd configured GW x.x.2.2. So Systems can reach each other between Site B and Site C.

    Now we need temporarily communication from A to C over the IPsec tunnel.

    Is this possible? If yes, how can i configure this in pfsense? I tried to add a GW pf1 but a can't select ipsec tunnel as interface and i get an error GW IP musst be in the same subnet i
    tried the ip of the 2nd GW

    Thanks for help

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