Multi WAN - Port based routing

  • I own a LAN center. And I have 2 internet connections.

    A DSL line (50/10) for consistent gaming traffic and a TWC line (300/20) for internet traffic.

    I have always used PFsense for my DSL line with the 60 floor computers on static IP to it.
    and the cable line for internet traffic through an asus wireless router, then to a proxy server.

    The floor computers use Firefox, for independent proxy controls (everything else uses IE proxy, which League of legends then uses that as well)

    I do not want fail over, or load balancing as default. Just port routing

    What i want to do, is have all gaming port traffic go through the DSL line (Because TWC sucks balls and likes to go down)

    then have all HTTP/s and game updates go through the faster 300/20 cable line.

    I have 5 static IP's through each ISP.

    And i will still use the Asus router for DHCP and wireless functionality.

    Thank you for your help.

  • whats your questions exactly?

    if you would create a LAN-rule (TCP/UDP) like so, it would force everything using port 5000 through a specific wan:
    src:any /  dest:any / dest-port: 5000 / gw:TWC_gateway

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