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  • Using a netgear router set as an access point with pfsense installed on an old computer how do i find the ip of the access point so I can login to the GUI, it is giving the default gateway ip of the of which goes to the pfsense GUI anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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    Status > DHCP Leases  Consumer APs generally do not receive a LAN address via DHCP though.

    Or Diagnostics, ARP Table

    Or, maybe, Diagnostics > Packet Capture on LAN and see what ARP it tries to get.

    Paperclip it, connect a computer, let it get DHCP, set it to the IP address you want, set your computer to the same IP network so you can connect again, connect, turn off the APs DHCP server, and put it on your pfSense LAN.

  • that is indeed tricky…

    what I usually do is have that access point connected to a pc without anything else..., configure what is needed, and put it back to the network and test.

    although it would be nice to have a way to configure those access points within the network (built-in vlan on the access point perhaps?)

  • Got my Netgear R7000 in AP mode running stock firmware. I assigned its own ip (from GUI->Advanced Settings) and I can reach its GUI.

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    Yeah I don't recall ever seeing any soho wifi router that allows for dhcp to its LAN IP for if you were using it as AP by turning off its dhcp server and not using its wan interface.

    How you would do that is by setting its lan IP to something on your network your going to put it on.  Other issue with most native firmware for soho routers is they quite often don't even allow setting up a gateway so you can not manage them if coming from a different network.

    To be honest if you want to start doing fancier stuff with AP you would be better off getting a more enterprise type AP.  Unifi would be something to look at.. Price points are very good.. The new line of AC models they are coming out with the lite I believe starts at 89$ the LR model is like $109 and pro is $149 I think that really makes them attractive for home use even.

    With this you can set your AP via dhcp, or static and they have vlan support on your SSIDs and support of to 4 SSIDs per radio 2.4 and 5ghz.  Plus of other great features like band steering and wireless uplink and zerohand off, etc. etc..  Plus the ability to have a controller for statistics and captive portal and guest services, etc.  That 89$ price point should allow for pretty much anyone to deploy a few of those around the house for great 5ghz coverage that we all know doesn't like walls ;)

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