Static IP Block - last virtual address unreachable.

  • I have a block of 5 static ip addresses: -

    I configured PFSense WAN at  (105 is being used by our VOIP directly into the comcast modem and we have not yet moved it behind pfsense)

    I set-up 3 virtual IPs for 107 - 109/29.

    I set-up port-forwarding for the virtual IPs

    Address 107 and 108 work great. For some reason, any rule I create for does not work.  It cannot be reached.

    For term server:
    If WAN Proto TCP Dest: DestP 3389 NAT IP  NatP 3389

    Works great.

    Change it to IP 109 (from the destination address drop-down) it fails to connect.

    Every port I forward for IP 109 fails..  For 106-108 it all works great.

    I cannot find any reason for this.  Any suggestions?


  • Use Packet Capture from pfSense Diagnostic menu to see if the packets attain the WAN interface at all.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What is the gateway for this /29

    .104 would be the wire or network, so you would .105 through .110 as viable hosts with .111 being broadcast.  So they gave you 5 of the six viable address is .110 the gateway?

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