WAN down after reboot, Pressing "DHCP Renew" manually will fix it

  • I am using pfsense in a line of sight wifi system (sorry, dont exactly know what it is). After a reboot, the link is marked as "down". I am getting a (private) address by DHCP only if I press "Renew" under Status/Interfaces/WAN. I know that it would be better to get a public IP but thats how it is with this provider.

    Is there a solution to issue that button press with ShellCMD or Cron?
    PFsense is 2.2.4

  • I hopefully figured out this myself. I wrote a little php script (see attachement) that seems to do the same thing as if I pressed the renew button. The script executes correctly. I have added this to a daily cron job and a shellcmd.
    However I do not dare to reboot pfsense and test if it really works because I would have to take an airplane flight to fix it…


  • Hello there,

    I'm having this problem and was wondering if you can provide a step by step?

    Much appreciated.

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