I3 8GB Ram 500GB Disk for 160MB Broadband

  • Hello all,

    I have an old Lenovo SFF desktop pc, h520s. It has a i5 2320, 8GB ram and a 500GB disk. I really would like a septate VLAN circuit for my home office network so I would need to purchase a Mini NIC but would this system be ok for 160mb Broadband?

    The system will run around 2 VPN connections, but very sparingly however I would like to use it as a large proxy / cache for speeding up load times as most of the websites we look at are all the same. Also windows updates and osx updates etc.

    Snort and maybe antivirus.

    At any one time 5 people will be using the connection, we also use a lot of on demand Netflix amazon etc and the current router sometimes struggles.

  • You can handle gigabit traffic with such specs.

  • Alone the LAN card I would try to update to an Intel Dual or Quad Port server NIC.
    The rest is capable for many more as you really need.

  • use intel lan cards to avoid unecessary pain and suffering. rest is ok

  • That rig will absolutely do what you need it to and much more.

    It's good for at least a 1000/ 500 line easily.

    I wouldn't count on Squid for dynamic content caching (videos and such) but caching updates and pages shouldn't be much of an issue if you get a hang of squid configuration.

    Since the processor is an i5, you can make use of AES-NI for VPN (I recommend OpenVPN). This should be good for at least 700mbps of AES-NI accelerated VPN.

    The machine comes with a Realtek NIC onboard (not exactly good but it'd do the job for your line) but I recommend getting a dual or quad port Intel GbE adapter.  Just take note that some cards may not like the PCI-e x16 slot (most notably the PT series quad port) if it runs above Gen 2 rates.

  • Your topic says i3 and you mentioned i5 in the config. It doesn't matter a lot as both i3 and i5 are equally capable.

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