Centrlize setup on pfsense

  • hi friends
    i am new in pfsense
    and i want to set up isp (Internet service provider) on pfsense
    so i designed network topology
    and i attached image of topology.
    so i need to know few things are as follows

    1.is this topology possible on pfsens???
    2.if yes what configuration i need to do in network???
    3.and want suggestion on topology ??
    4.what is changes i need to do in this topology???

    thanks in advance
    ![Network .jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network .jpg)
    ![Network .jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network .jpg_thumb)

  • 1.  Yes.  It's quite common actually.
    2.  As the network admin, that's your job  :D
    3.  Looks OK to me.
    4.  You could have pfSense handle your DNS and DHCP.