TinyDNS using virtual IP with CARP configuration does not work!

  • hi all,

    I have succes setup CARP cluster with load balancing using tutorial ftp://reflection.ncsa.uiuc.edu/pub/pfSense/tutorials/carp/carp-cluster-new.htm.

    like in the tutorial i setup DHCP server using virtual IP include DNS & Gateway

    but i have problem with DNS resolver using TinyDNS, i think TinyDNS cannot lookup from Client using virtual IP cmiiw .
    i have tested my TinyDNS setting from client, if tested using Real LAN IP, domain can be resolv, but using Virtual IP domain canot be resolv  :'(

    please i help!! ,  i really needed TinyDNS in my CARP Cluster
    sorry for my bad english

    many thanks

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