Unbound resolver not refreshing from DHCP leases

  • Quick question regarding the unbound resolver.

    I can't find it documented anywhere how often unbound refreshes the DHCP leases table.

    I'd expect for a DHCP lease to be immediately reflected in the results of a DNS query to unbound. However this is not the case.

    Use case one:

    • a DHCP lease for a newly commissioned PC
    • expected: unbound to return IP that was allocated by DHCP
    • actual: unbound returns NXDOMAIN

    Use case two:

    • a DHCP lease for an existing hostname but a different mac address, resulting in a new IP
    • expected: unbound to return new IP
    • actual: unbound returns old IP

    In both cases restarting unbound and querying again results in the query succeeding and the correct result being returned.

    This is 2.2.2-RELEASE (amd64) with "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver" and "Register DHCP static mappings in the DNS Resolver" both ticked.

    How can I force unbound to reflect changes to DHCP leases immediately?


  • Banned

  • Thank you. Tracking that with interest.

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