VOIP Traffic not in Queue 2.2.4

  • Hey Guys,

    I'll give a little bit of background on this so that if you need it you have it. If not skip forward to Traffic Shaper Setup.

    We have been having VOIP issues on our network (choppy hard to understand / hear phone calls). VOIP Provider suggested QoS to resolve the issues. Our internet speed is: 35Mbs Down / 5Mbs Up. We have a bulk mailing server that we suspected was taking up a large amount of bandwidth so I setup a limiter in the shaper to limit the server to 5Mbs down and 800k up (seems to be working as advertised). Didn't resolve the issue. Also added Squid to cache files and large downloads to reduce bandwidth long term (small improvement), then I added traffic throttling for binary files as well. Next moved on to setting up PQRI in the Traffic Shaper.

    Traffic Shaper Setup:

    -> qACK = Priority 6
    -> qDefault = Priority 3
    -> qP2P = Priority 1
    -> qVOIP = Priority 7

    VLAN10 (this is the vlan all the devices on the network are currently on)
    -> qACK = Priority 6
    -> qDefault = Priority 3
    -> qP2P = Priority 1
    -> qVOIP = Priority 7

    The Issue:
    When making phone calls the traffic doesn't show up in the queue, and the quality is still terrible so I am led to believe the traffic isn't being prioritized. I found an idea on a forum somewhere that I needed to add a floating rule to activate the queue so I created an alias for the VOIP phones and a rule for source and dest of each. Now I see some traffic in the queue but it doesn't seem to increase when making a phone call. (Screenshots attached).

    Any thoughts? I feel as if I must be missing a simple step somewhere along the way.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What interfaces are your floating rules on?

    Are there any rules on VLAN10 that attempt to set the queues?  If so, what are those?

    Are the VoIP phones behind NAT?

    Is there a specific SIP provider address the phones are programmed to connect with?

    What do your WAN RRD graphs (traffic and quality) look like when the VoIP sucks?

  • @ stiadmin,

    did you found a solution?

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