VMWare Workstation Clients not getting IPv6 Addresses

  • Hi I have a HE.net tunnel setup following https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Using_IPv6_on_2.1_with_a_Tunnel_Broker as much as I could (some settings have changed).

    I have setup a DHCPv6 Server on my pfSense box for a section of the /64 subnet

    • Range: 2001:470:xxxx:28e:3::1-2001:470:xxxx:28e:3::ffff

    • DNS Server: 2001:470:xxxx:28e::1 (pfSense Box)

    • Domain Name: [internal domain name]

    • Domain Search List: [internal domain name]

    • Default Lease Time: 7200

    • Enable registration of DHCP client names in DNS: Ticked

    • NTP Server: 2001:470:xxxx:28e::1 (pfSense Box)

    I have enabled router advertisements

    • Router Advertisements: Assisted

    • Router Priority: High

    • RA Subnets: 2001:470:xxxx:28e:4::/64

    • Use same settings as DHCPv6 server: Ticked

    Windows Devices, Synology NAS & VMWare ESXi Server get a 2001:470:xxxx:28e:3:: address
    Other Devices (Linux, Android, Chromecast, printer) get 2001:470:xxxx:28e:: addresses (don't know how this is de-conflicted with the DHCPv6 range, I tried to do this by putting the :4 in but that didn't work).

    I understand from other threads that there is no way to actually get a device's hostname like with DHCPv4 and so if you need to be able to address a machine by hostname or add firewall exceptions for a IPv6 host you have to either:

    • Add a static lease where it is using DHCPv6

    • Add a static IP directly to the device and add a DNS Forwarder Override

    • Find the address it has chosen and add a DNS Forwarder Override

    Side Question
    Any suggestions on how to improve my configuration?

    Main Question
    On two of my Windows Clients I have VMWare Workstation 10.0.7 build-2844087 installed, none of the client VMs, regardless of OS, are able to get an IPv6 address, despite the VMs on the ESXi 5.5 box getting them fine, is this a known issue? Is there a solution?

    I know this might be more of a question for the VMWare forums, but looking at  them they seem far less helpful than you guys here, so thought I'd start here :)

    Thanks for any suggestions you guys can provide, (I'd rather not upgrade to VMWare Workstation 11 as it is expensive!, but can if that is the solution)