VOIP / SIP different LAN interfaces not working

  • Hi All,
    I recently had to reconfigure my firewall after a power outage caused the wizard to reconfigure my firewall due to an interface change that hadn't been removed from the interfaces, although the USB interface had been removed. Upon getting the webconfigurator online, I restored my backup file. I thought it was the backup of the current config, but perhaps it was one prior to my happy working state or was the latest config.

    The only issue that I currently have is a VOIP phone behind one lan interface won't connect to my 3CX software PBX behind another lan interface. The phone picks up a IP address via DHCP relay to a DHCP server on the same subnet as the PBX. I can ping the VOIP phone from the PBX subnet. So I have IP connectivity and routing working. However the phone won't register with the SIP/VOIP PBX. This was working fine before the backup restore. And was a problem I had for a while a few months ago. But I got the config working, I just don't know how I got the config working prior to the power loss and re-config of the firewall. I possibly didn't do anything, it just worked… Is there something that would block or hinder VOIP traffic/registration?

    The PBX interface is a stand interface with no VLANs. The second interface has VLaning configured, however the phone is on the root subnet of the interface and not one of the VLAns. Hope that makes sense.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Got it working. Although this shouldn't be a factor, any input as to why this would fix it would be great.
    On the Rules Allow to any entry for the phones particular interface. I changed the manual gateway to use setting to default. Although the gateway manually selected was the default gateway…. So in theory I don't see that anything has changed. As soon as I changed the manually selected gateway to default, the phone immediately registered.

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