SSL test showing B grade certs

  • Hi ,
    I am facing another issue with ssl certs when i installed using stunnel and testing using , iam getting B grade on it instead A . Also missing chain certs but how to add chain certs and ciphers into  pfsense for more security . Any suggestion on this ?

  • Hi Kulpreet,

    I see in another question your using haproxy also.?. Not sure if that was for the same purpose?

    Assuming so ill tell a little about haproxy.
    It allows configuring the ciphers and ssl protocols that you want to support. Its possible to get A+ when configured with HSTS and a carefully chosen cipherlist. If you import the intermediate and server cert into the certificate manager separately that should allow the haproxy package to build the right certificate chains to use. Also import the CA cert if you want to use OCSP-stapling.

    Regards, PiBa-NL

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