Sometimes see local IP address when doing port-forwarding

  • Hello,
    Setup is very simple
    smtp-server–---- (LAN) pfSense (WAN) (proxyARP VIP)-----Internet.
                                ----------- (vlan0)
                                ----------- (vlan1)
    We are receiving all smtp connections to at with port-forwarding set up
    rdr on em0 inet proto tcp from any to port = smtp ->

    Everything works perfectly but sometimes (fortunately pretty rarely) at smtp-server I receive smtp-traffic from!? It seems like pfSense tries to act as a spam-bot. I know it is impossible so some natting occurs with source IP.
    pfSense has three physical interfaces LAN, WAN and one configured with several vlans.
    I have checked all my NAT-rules approximately 42 times. Can not find anything.
    Please any ideas.


  • Sorry, this is mirroring issue. If you hit from any vlan interface then you will have source IP in the packet received at

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