Multiple IPs for one host override

  • I've setup a host override with multiple IPs. My reasoning for doing so is I have several vlans that do not have interaction with each other. They all need to pass through a proxy and be have access to wpad. I am hosting the wpad on the pfsense box with lighttpd.

    This is an example of what I have:  wpad  wpad  wpad

    I wasn't sure exactly how to implement for my needs. It seems to be working so far. However, e.g., if I am on the 192.168.1.x network and ping wpad sometimes it tries to hit the 192.168.2.x or the 192.168.3.x address. Same with any of the other networks. I understand why is this happening, but want to make sure it isn't a problem or if there is a better solution.

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    You can try with the forwarder (dnsmasq) and localise-queries in advanced config.

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    Isn't the first query wpad suppose to be using the fqdn of the domain the client is in.. So you could use different subdomains for your different segments.

    so for example


    So if in lan1 they would query for wpad.lan1.something.tld would they not, and in 2 would be wpad.lan2.something.tld

  • I just ran into this same scenario.  We have separate lan segments for our wired and wireless lans.  I was asked to setup squidGuard to stop misuse.

    I wasn't sure how to do multiple host overrides with the same name (wpad), so instead, I used the following in my forwarder (dnsmasq) advanced config:


    So far it's working great!

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