Install on CF and use HDD

  • Hi there,

    I would like install Pfsense on my Server PC. Want to use a CF Card to as primary drive and a HDD for secondary.
    The CF Card will be a micro drive with 6 gb

    My idea was to install pfsense full on CF card for boot only, like when power lost
    The pc will set in bios “Always on” when power on.
    The HDD should be used for cache like when install Proxy, so want to limit the write cycles in the CF card.

    Want the full version and not the nano version from pfsense installed
    All writing should be on HDD.
    CF will be in idea that will convert to Sata connection and hdd is a sata.

    I didn’t order the CF card or CF reader yet.
    But my final order will be next week for pc that will use pfsense.

    PC will be a server mini-itx board with 3 nic.
    Want to install an extra pci-e 2 nic card.
    The mainboard is from Asrock J1900d2Y from Newegg.
    Will have 8gb ram, 1 HDD WD black.
    All in a small case. Best fanless setup.

    Will this idea work or just nix the CF card in total?
    Can Pfense see both drives?
    Will proxy write only to the HDD?
    Any help and advice help me

  • Any Advice please,

    Want to order my last parts for my pfsense router.

    Can Pfense see both drives?  CF Card and HDD
    Will proxy write only to the HDD if configure it like that, depens if it sees the HDD on secondary drive.

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    No such thing supported. Do a full install and move on.

  • But what I read here in this post from 2009 in the pfsense forum its possible.

    Plus using a microdrive CF card was working in this post. Forum post of 2007

    At the first link he use two 20 gb hdd. The slave drive was used for cache, but this was with pfsense 1.2.2

    not sure how it will work with the latest release.

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    Supported != manual hack that can break any time.

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