DHCP Client Indentifier Usage Question

  • Hello!

    I have a question regarding the use of the client identifier field when creating a static DHCP map in the pfSense DHCP Service.

    Can the client identifier be used with a device to identify it instead of a MAC address? Does it function like the "client ID"  in the static lease on Apple routers?

    For example, I attempted to give an iPhone a client id "tedsphone" in the phone's DHCP settings and add this iphone to a static DHCP map with no MAC address and the same client identifier, but the DHCP Service still only assigned the iphone an IP address from the defined pool.

    I was unable to find much documentation regarding the use the client identifier option is static IP map for the DHCP servers, so if you need information and  clarification would be greatly appreciated.


  • Were you able to find some additional informations? Does it make a difference, if you leave this option empty?

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