Insteon Hub cannot connect behind PFSense

  • I'm posting this in routing because connection from WAN to Insteon Hub on LAN fails even when firewall is disabled.

    using PFSense v 2.2.4, freebsd 10.1, release p-15
    comcast ISP

    Insteon Hub 4.8a
    Insteon Hub model 2242-222

    Understand and followed port forward rules to direct Insteon Hub traffic from WAN on port 25105 to Host Insteon Hub at LAN IP also on port 25105.

    Using iPhone app to connect to Insteon Hub for lighting control. This works while connected to WiFi inside the PFSense. Does not work on WiFi or mobile ISP outside PFSense.

    Network config:

    ISP Cable Modem
      LAN–--Insteon Hub, Other nodes, iPads etc

    This should not be difficult. PFSense is a great platform that is easy to use. Seems like I'm missing something simple. Asking for help because after much searching and testing I can't seem to get this to work.

    The wireshark packet trace shows communication seems to fail at the HTTP GET call.

    Thank you in advance for any pointers in the right direction.

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