[solved]possible to copy www dir of master to 2.2.4 release (for testing) ?

  • i recently created a pull request to releng22, but as its a feature, it won't get added (as far as i understand it).

    renato asked me to create a pull request against master.

    while i'm willing to figure it out: how the heck should i test it, as there are currently no public snapshots for 2.3?
    i'm too much of an idiot to figure this out myself  ;-)
    so could someone tell me how to test a commit on the webgui of 2.3/master , without having to build/compile 2.3 ?

    also: i don't know how git works, Phil told me (a while ago), i could make small changes online on github, without having to bother with git itself.

    thanks in advance

    update: you can copy the 'www' dir from master to a 2.2.5-dev system, without trouble. i wouldn't recommend it on a production system

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    Be aware there will be differences due to the different PHP versions on 2.3 vs 2.2.x. It's OK for basic testing but be careful.

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