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  • Hi all,

    I am interested in using pfsense on my home for basic vpn and security requirements.
    I dont want to go with an old pc because, i've already did that.

    What i am looking for is a fanless cheap system.
    It seems raspberry pi 2 is a nogo, btw it seems it supports freebsd 10.

    Can you please share your thoughts on this ?

  • What i am looking for is a fanless cheap system.

    PC Engines APU 1D4
    Jetway NF9HG-2930

    It seems raspberry pi 2 is a nogo, btw it seems it supports freebsd 10.

    There is no pfSense ARM port as I know it.  :o

    Can you please share your thoughts on this?

    What should I tell you, the most peoples are starting here mostly or often by naming and willing to use some common or ordinary services related to the price and regarding to power savings option.

    But then often they came back and wonder them selfs that thing or this function can´t be used
    or why the hell the firewall is not so fast as they were expecting it.

    So my personal mind is to get a device that is capable to realize the wished functions and powerful enough
    to offer the wished and needed services. So a little bit headroom upstairs would also be good enough.

    • Starting with the needed bandwidth, because it is not the same to route 50 MBit/s, 100 MBit/s or 1 GBit/s.
    • The installed packets should be also be a good point to coming closer next. Running Snort, Squid &
      SquidGuard & VPN tasks are perhaps needing more power as expected.
    • Dealing with many VPN connections on top is the most question, pfSense can handle many of them
      but then you may need more throughput and this is then a problem.

    So if you are telling us all and truly here likes above you could go with the PC Engines APU 1D4 easily.
    If throughput and power is more the thing you need or something likes a little bit headroom upstairs
    you should go with the Jetway "ready to go" box.
    But if you will support this project and the Internet connection is not so fast I really would perhaps go
    with the SG-2220 unit if the two ports are enough for you.

    I am interested in using pfsense on my home

    This can be multiple 1 GBit/s connections or only a 50 MBit/s Internet connection!
    So a little more info could be better for us to help you.

  • Check out some of the machines listed in the Vendors part of this Forum.  They are great for home use, for example

    It is fanless, fast and in a small neat little case. Mine happily runs Suricata, Squid, SquidGuard, pfBlockerNG and a OpenVPN connection, although admittedly its for an Australian ADSL connection, so blazing fast speeds are not something the box needs to content with. Rock solid and stable though.

  • http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4918#ov

    build based on this works fine with 4-8gb ram

  • I'm running pfSense on hardware very similar to Jetway NF9HG-2930 shown above. This might be overkilling depending on amount of services you want to run. Very efficient (running with mSATA)

    Hardware like Banana Pi, really faster than Raspberry, might be worth the effort to test.
    Look at this thread, for sure not in prod yet  ;)

  • Thank you for replies.
    I am sorry for the late response but i've searched for local solutions and also several personal issues.

    Anyway i found http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5107 as a mainboard.
    It seems it's similiar with the orher GA recommendation.
    Fanless quiet and small.
    Does it enough ?

    I will add 2gb ram.
    I will add 32 gb ssd for performance and silence operation.
    I am using 150 w mini itx case which is something like this http://www.dark.com.tr/donanim/pc-kasa/dark-compact-150w-yatay-dikey-kullanilabilir-ssd-ready-mini-itx-kasa.html

    Now there is an another issue.
    This board has 1 lan port. Right now i am using an usb lan tool for firewall function.

    Is it possible to use usb wifi solutions with pfsense to act as both firewall and access point ?
    Right now i am using an openwrt device after my pfsense for my wlan. Its using radius for security and so on …
    Also i have a http://uk.tp-link.com/products/details/cat-11_TL-WN8200ND.html is it possible use something like this provide wireless functionality to pfsense ?
    I am waiting your recommendations on this.


  • you need two lan ports, so go:


    use at least 4gb of ram. its so cheap that in your place, i would add 8 and forget about it.

    32gb ssd is fine. i have not seen anything below 120 on sale. kingston v300 120 is good enough.

    case is fine

    any itx case with a psu will do it

    you may need to laod windows to update the bios on this board, then format and load pfsense

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