Iceberg ahead!

  • So here I was playing with different shaper configs from Harvy & sideout.  I have a pfSense VM and a pfTest VM, with both open in several browser tabs.  I was restoring sideout's System config into pfTest when all of a sudden my WebsitePulse app started spazzing about how 5 of my main targets were down.  My stomach dropped as I realized that I had stupidly imported sideout's System config INTO MY MAIN PFSENSE PRODUCTION NODE.  I couldn't even reliably get into the WebGUI.  After trying a few desperate hacks while management screamed at me, I bit the bullet and restored the VMDK disk file from my Veeam backup.  5 minutes later we were up & running again.

    Lessons learned: when fiddling around with a test box, don't have the production interface up on a separate tab.

  • Lol and I thought I was the only one :)

  • If you could still reach the web interface, Diag>Backup/restore, Config History tab is a good backup from those "oops" moments. Or if you can at least still reach the console, the ability to revert to previous configurations exists there too. Quicker way to get out of an "oops" if you can get to one or the other.

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    I`ve found the following steps to be generally foolproof when you need to quickly roll back settings. Open a shell and keep the window open while making your changes:
    cd /conf
    cp config.xml config.xml.bk

    • Make your changes to the gui -

    If you need to quickly revert back:

    cp config.xml.bk config.xml
    rm /tmp/config.cache

    • Then reload the Dashboard to get the previous config to load

  • Ha! I only have one to worry about.

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