Pfsense router, tomato ap, VLANs

  • I'm gearing up to move shop and consolidate 2 locations into 1 with a fair number of devices.  I'm looking to try and update the network at the same time to have some security that I haven't had in the past. I think I have the gear, but want to get a head start in case I'm off. Looking for some help as I can't wrap my head around everything; I grasp parts but not all.

    The Goal:
    Multiple VLAN Nets including: Servers, IP Phones, PCs, multimedia hdwr, VPN and guest wifi
    For a count = 6 Vlans if possible, but can certainly consolidate some if necessary. About 50-60 devices in total, including about 15 media devices such as Chromecasts, wifi speakers, etc.

    Router is a recent Dual Core Atom with ample ram so I'm comfortable it has the horse power; running pfSense.

    On the hardware side I'm running a Netgear 24 port ProSafe Plus switch - VLan capable

    Wireless side: ASUS RT-AC68R running Tomato by Shibby, ASUS RT-N66U that will be running Tomato as well.

    Has anyone accomplished this mission before?  It's a bit overwhelming to think about at the moment, but it would be huge step in stability and security if I can figure it out.  Any insights, links, would be greatly appreciated.

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