Pfsense constant crashes

  • Hi , i buid a pfsense box ( before I used virtualized ) ,
    I'm having random crashs, the maximum of days that my pfsense not crash were given three days .

    config : GA-C847N-D , 2x2 DDR3 Corsair , HD 320 GB ,
    I thought it might be problem in hd, but I changed it and the problem continues.
    temps always good  ( 40ºC – 45º )

    log in attach :


  • someone ?

  • memtest

    Not to say it couldn't be a bug, but it would need to be an issue with FreeBSD, which would be highly unlikely to only affect you.

    In case you haven't done this, my rule of thumb is before I use a system, I give it 2-3 days of burn-ins. Almost a week before I actually start using my machines.

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