N00B trying to install and log into pfsense from virtual box

  • I have googled and watched videos from youtube and tried tutorials on the net but I cannot connect to my pfsense VM
    I am running on an i7 32GBs ram
    I am attempting to have the 1st nic be my wan and bridged to my physical nic. 2nd nic is a M$ km-test loopback
    I am unable to connect to the web interface I have tried several different ip configurations and none of them work I can't get chrome or waterfox to connect
    I am able to ping the wan but that's about it.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    How are you pinging the wan when out of the box everything inbound to wan is blocked - even ping.. Did you allow ping on the wan?  My guess if you say you can ping wan and not access lan is you have the interfaces reversed.

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