Unbound resolver and ad blocking

  • I saw that there are other packages to manage IP aliases to block, but I don't want my webpages taking longer because of TCP timeouts, I want the ads to quickly fail, which overriding the DNS entries seems to do.

    So I came across this website http://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/ that has a nice parse friendly list of ad domains. That got me wondering if there is a simple way with PFSense to point to a URL and import a list of DNS records to override to so they do not resolve. I tried doing a few searches on the forums and did not get an answer on this.

    Any ideas how to do this or to get similar results?

  • Moderator

    This will be part of pfBlockerNG v2.0… If you would like to beta test it, send me a PM..

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