Multi Wan with GWs on same subnet

  • Hello,

    I have successfully done Failover and Loadbalance with GWs on different subnets. Now there is a need for me to do the same with gateways on the same subnet.

    Lets say that:

    GWs: -

    How would i start doing LB and FO since each interface can only take 1 GW ? do i make Vlans on the same subnet ?
    I understand that this is a common question but i did not find anything helpful online.
    Maybe you can point me to the right direction.


  • it cant be done.

    stop trying to get it "working". doesn't matter that some say they have gotten it to work. its not possible with the current pfSense.

    invest time in figuring out a way to change your gateways.

  • You could use some el-cheapo (consumer-)routers between pfSense and the GW's. -> WAN- -> WAN1- -> WAN- -> WAN2-

    Disadvantage will be that you will have to implement double NAT.

  • Is implementation at pfSense level a real constraint?
    If not, you can easily deploy router with double WAN, seen as unique gateway from pfSense but providing fail-over in term of gateway.
    Do not expect efficient load-balancing here  ;)

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