Spamd listening port?

  • Hello,

    I currently have email coming in on port 940 tcp due to my provider blocking port 25.  I have a NAT setup on the pfsense box to accept smtp on port 940 and then redirect it to port 25 on the internal side for my email server.  I was interested in setting up spamd on the pfsense box but altering my NAT and firewall rule to point to the pfsense boxes internal IP for my smtp rule did not work.  How should I go about editing the rule or would it be better to delete my smtp email server rule (because it is not needed?) and edit spamd to listen on port 940?  If this is the case what is the path to the file I need to edit?


  • I was under the impression that spamd could be used like a mail gateway but in reading more about it it is mainly a grey listing honey pot.

  • Its both.  It intercepts inbound email connections and, depending on configuration, greylists them, passes them up to the honeypot or passes them along to the mail server.  When used in conjunction with spam/virus filtering on your mail server, it works very nicely.

  • spamd will not work in your situation because the mail is all going to be relayed to you from some outside provider since you can't directly accept mail on port 25. spamd is only effective if your mail is delivered directly to you (i.e. pfSense is your MX record).

  • And thus my spam increase issue thanks to comcast blocking 25 both ways.  Thanks for the info.

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